Scholarship Fund

Strong Youth, Stronger Community

By creating programs and places for youth to thrive, the Calgary Stampede Foundation develops motivated and engaged young Calgarians, empowered to do amazing things. It creates a generation of young people with the skills, confidence and strength to make us all stronger.

Our world-recognized programs empower youth, providing them with the skills, confidence and motivation to become engaged and proud citizens and make our communities better. We help forge life-long friendships and provide a foundation for community giving that will last for generations.

I Belong Here:

A sense of acceptance and belonging created for youth who participate in the programs.

Skills for Life:

Focused on youth development and life-long skills.

Seeing Possibilities:

The impact of the programs is easily apparent, including increased confidence, life-long friendships, leadership, work ethic, real-world skills.

Community Service:

These programs reach youth across the entire community, not just one or two segments.